Beet Reporter: An Interview with Breakmaster Cylinder

On our continuing mission to unmask the mysterious Breakmaster Cylinder, we sought out the secretive electronic musician for a lengthy interview. BMC agreed, under one condition: that we use a text-only method. We interviewed the Cylinder by electronic carrier pigeon. Conor: In the spirit of dorky icebreaker games, I would like to know the following: […]Read This

Whispering into a Recorder: Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/Anonymous

It was the decorated feature journalist Michael Overall who first introduced me to the idea that awkward silences were an interviewer’s friend. Your subject generally knows what’s interesting about their story, he told the handful of student journalists that had shown up to his Q&A session. A long pause after an answer can give them […]Read This

69 Love Songs Is Like a Triple Album

69 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields is a magnum opus of pop if there ever was one. Delivering no fewer than the promised 69 songs, the album serves as a veritable encyclopedia of pop music and of the relationships contained therein. Its three-hour runtime can make it a daunting listen, so Conor and Will […]Read This