French sect announces support for state ban on ‘ostentatious’ swimwear

NICE, France—The leaders of the Nice chapter of the Disciples of Secularis say that the burkini, swimwear designed to satisfy Islamic modesty standards, threatens the natural secular order instituted by the god Secularis when he created the universe through a combination of blind chance and evolutionary processes. Grand Secular Jean-Jacques Russo spoke at a press […]Read This

Bob Dylan: Folk Hero or Murderer?

Point: Bob Dylan reinvented folk music Conor Fellin “People sometimes like to congratulate me on reinventing folk music,” Bob Dylan once famously said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “That’s when I like to knock their cup out of their hands, and while they’re distracted run away screaming, ‘YOU DON’T KNOW ME UNLESS I SAY […]Read This

Organic Tinder

Will: I can’t bring myself to use Tinder. All the people I’ve had romantic attachments with, I met organically.

Kyle: Tinder can be organic. You just have to meet at vegan restaurants.