Wilco’s Schmilco, Schmilco’s Schmilco

The below review was written by Will Boogert and Conor Fellin as they listened to Wilco’s Schmilco for the first time. They started writing when the album began, and stopped typing when the album ended. Except for grammar, the review has not been changed since that moment.Read This

Whispering into a Recorder: Chris Gethard’s Beautiful/Anonymous

It was the decorated feature journalist Michael Overall who first introduced me to the idea that awkward silences were an interviewer’s friend. Your subject generally knows what’s interesting about their story, he told the handful of student journalists that had shown up to his Q&A session. A long pause after an answer can give them […]Read This

Three Easy Pieces: Coming to Terms With C. S. Lewis

When I first encountered C. S. Lewis, I dismissed him as a mere apologist and banished most of his books from my reading lists. But after an unexpected introduction to another side of his writings, I found that I could be friends with Clive. Here's where an atheist can agree with the 20th century's most influential Christian apologist.Read This