Bob Dylan: Folk Hero or Murderer?

Point: Bob Dylan reinvented folk music Conor Fellin “People sometimes like to congratulate me on reinventing folk music,” Bob Dylan once famously said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “That’s when I like to knock their cup out of their hands, and while they’re distracted run away screaming, ‘YOU DON’T KNOW ME UNLESS I SAY […]Read This

Kabuki: A Tourist’s Review

If I was going to be in Tokyo, I had to go see kabuki. I knew this from David Sedaris, who in his essay “The Smoking Room” described a type of theater “enchanting and full of surprises,” with convoluted plot twists, symbolic make-up, stylized action, and even a special style of speech. A real grade-A […]Read This

Rail Gaze Review: II

Unknown Mortal Orchestra II
“I wish that I could swim and sleep like a shark does. I’d fall to the bottom and I’d hide till the end of time.” ~ “Swim And Sleep (Like A Shark)”, Unknown Mortal Orchestra This album records the faint echoes of psychedelia transmuted through layers of ocean. It’s lo-fi in the way that phone […]Read This

The Faith of an Infidel [3]: On the Way

Wayside cross near Hafnerberg.
Part of an ongoing series about religion and philosophy. Read Part 2 or view all the posts. As I write I can look out my hotel window on the mountains to the south of Rohr im Gebirge, a tiny hamlet of 500 people, one hotel, and seemingly no restaurants, nestled in the alpine foothills of […]Read This

Rail Gaze Review: Surprisingly Awesome

When I first heard that Gimlet Media was releasing a podcast named Surprisingly Awesome that would attempt to make ostensibly boring topics seem awesome, I rolled my eyes. The idea of teasing out the kernel of an engaging narrative from the sea of science, politics and culture surrounding us has been implicit in the structure […]Read This

Organic Tinder

Will: I can’t bring myself to use Tinder. All the people I’ve had romantic attachments with, I met organically.

Kyle: Tinder can be organic. You just have to meet at vegan restaurants.