Fellow journalists: If Trump’s elected, drop everything

A Trump administration will not be kind to journalists—or to the rule of law. The only thing for it is to document the next four years in excruciating detail, to give as much material as possible to the forces of democracy by shining a light on the forces of Trumpism. The Donald is an extraordinary candidate, and he demands an extraordinary response: not the mountains of free advertising showered on him by the cable news shows, but ruthless examination. Read This

Three Easy Pieces: Coming to Terms With C. S. Lewis

When I first encountered C. S. Lewis, I dismissed him as a mere apologist and banished most of his books from my reading lists. But after an unexpected introduction to another side of his writings, I found that I could be friends with Clive. Here's where an atheist can agree with the 20th century's most influential Christian apologist.Read This

French sect announces support for state ban on ‘ostentatious’ swimwear

NICE, France—The leaders of the Nice chapter of the Disciples of Secularis say that the burkini, swimwear designed to satisfy Islamic modesty standards, threatens the natural secular order instituted by the god Secularis when he created the universe through a combination of blind chance and evolutionary processes. Grand Secular Jean-Jacques Russo spoke at a press […]Read This

The Divine Metaphor

Eight weeks ago, I fell for a woman in my hometown with whom I have religious differences. She’s a Christian with an evangelical background. I’m an agnostic atheist [1] with a history of aggressive anti-theism. We’ve spent weeks going back and forth about the wisdom of interfaith relationships, now trying to parse this verse or […]Read This

The Faith of an Infidel [3]: On the Way

Wayside cross near Hafnerberg.
Part of an ongoing series about religion and philosophy. Read Part 2 or view all the posts. As I write I can look out my hotel window on the mountains to the south of Rohr im Gebirge, a tiny hamlet of 500 people, one hotel, and seemingly no restaurants, nestled in the alpine foothills of […]Read This