Three Easy Pieces: Coming to Terms With C. S. Lewis

When I first encountered C. S. Lewis, I dismissed him as a mere apologist and banished most of his books from my reading lists. But after an unexpected introduction to another side of his writings, I found that I could be friends with Clive. Here's where an atheist can agree with the 20th century's most influential Christian apologist.Read This

The Divine Metaphor

Eight weeks ago, I fell for a woman in my hometown with whom I have religious differences. She’s a Christian with an evangelical background. I’m an agnostic atheist [1] with a history of aggressive anti-theism. We’ve spent weeks going back and forth about the wisdom of interfaith relationships, now trying to parse this verse or […]Read This

The Faith of an Infidel [3]: On the Way

Wayside cross near Hafnerberg.
Part of an ongoing series about religion and philosophy. Read Part 2 or view all the posts. As I write I can look out my hotel window on the mountains to the south of Rohr im Gebirge, a tiny hamlet of 500 people, one hotel, and seemingly no restaurants, nestled in the alpine foothills of […]Read This