Breaking Down Breakmaster Cylinder

Breakmaster Cylinder
I just don’t wanna be out there. I don’t matter. It’s nice to be any / every / nobody. –Breakmaster Cylinder, in an interview with Exolymph Conor and Will are sitting at a pair of microphones in a mid-budget recording studio, recording their commentary on Reply All. Conor: There you have it: the whole animal […]Read This

Re: Best Reply All Episodes

reply all
Conor: Will, how have we been writing this blog for a month and a half without doing a Reply All article? Will: That’s a great question. A group of geeks who find nerdy things to talk about and share them with an internet-savvy audience? We should have murals of PJ and Alex in our bedrooms. […]Read This

Early Tracks [2]: The Hidden Track

The crisp cold of a St. Louis winter. The thin feeling of my khaki pants against the car seat. The white of half a foot of snow. And a short harmony breathed over the last folksy strums of an acoustic guitar. Whether or not I experienced any of these things at the same time, I […]Read This

Breaking the game is fun

I cannot say I am remotely scared by anything that happens in this game now. But the pressure to be perfect…                                                                                                                         —Markiplier Between the ages of four and six, there’s a shift in the way most children play games, psychologist Alison Gopnik argues in Radiolab’s “Games” episode. Four-year-olds tend to prefer open-ended, creative games (e.g. […]Read This

On Our Turntable: “Francis Forever,” Mitski

Ever since I heard Marceline cover this song in Adventure Time‘s most recent episode, “The Music Hole,” I’ve been obsessed. The melody is simple—hypnotically so—as are the lyrics. Yet it’s never boring. I still feel deflated every time “Where you don’t see me” comes around, and I still get a rush of energy every time […]Read This

Early Tracks [1]: Beginning in Earnest

“Well, what do you think?” my dad asked when it was over, looking straight at me, his glee seeping into the question and causing his final syllables to shoot up in pitch. I was in seventh grade, it was my dad’s birthday, and my mom had advised me to get him Jackson Browne’s new live […]Read This